Entry #2

First Art Uploads

2010-11-24 20:32:54 by Cheeseycom

Today I've uploaded the first of many art pieces to the NG art gallery.. while this isn't the first time I've uploaded these images to the internet, it's the first time they've appeared here.

Mainly my work is posted to my deviantArt page, but I have to say my Flash-based work hasn't received quite so much attention as it has here. In fact, I think all of my Flash pieces on dA combined received less than half the views of one of the same pieces on NG. Close to 10,000 views on NG versus roughly 1000 views on dA.

Different kinda crowds I guess.. it should be interesting to see what kind of reaction I'll get to my art on here.

10,000 views. Damn, I hadn't actually counted them before.. it's hard to believe it's reached that many. Imagine what I could do if I took my time and really worked at making something interesting, rather than these half-assed rush jobs from university projects I wasn't all that bothered about..

Anyway, enough of my rambling. Please check out my work and if you like it, let me know what you think


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